simply cali

We've had a busy fall. An extra busy fall felt like this year. But it was good. We worked hard. And with opposite schedules it had been a while since I had really spent time with my husband, or myself. It was time for a getaway. When the invite came to come to Cali to celebrate a birthday we jumped. Time to go. Just me and you. We left the boys with grandma and grandpa for three nights and three days and hit the skies, Cali bound. Carried on, no extra bags, toys, diapers, pack and plays or books. I even left home without my camera. simply Cali. 

For the first time in quit a long time I felt light, simple. I let everything go. There as no... what comes next, what do I need to bring, who is hungry, what needs to be cleaned, washed or swept. No looking a the weeks calendar trying to stay one step ahead. I simply let go of all the what needs to be done next and lived in each moment. For three days. We celebrated family. We sipped and dipped and put our toes in the sand. We talked and laughed and even cried. We explored and tasted and dreamt. Weightless. It was a weekend I won't ever forget and will most certainly repeat. Because we all need to live simply, even for three days. Until next time Cali.