Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Funk

They met and dated in college. Took different paths for a few years, then one day those paths crossed again and they fell madly in love all over again. 

To Milo, getting to know you has been great. You are kind, hard working and just a pleasure to be around. On top of that you make my cousin smile even brighter than she already does. Her face lights up with love every single time she looks at you, you make her so incredibly happy and for that I thank you. 

Jess, I was so honored to be able to capture your special day. Everything about it was amazing. You, my dear cousin are amazing. You have a way of walking into a room and completely changing it just by being there. Your dad is right, you bring everyone together, you're the glue that bind so many people. I am over the moon happy that you found your person and I can not wait to see what the future holds for you two. 

Take good care of our girl Milo, we know you will.... XOXO.......