I'm not one with the words, so I'll keep this short and simple. Abundant with the photos.

Ireland. Simply beautiful. For me this was my second trip. It had been over ten years since I was lucky enough to spend a semester abroad in Northern Ireland. My heart was calling me back. I'm glad I answered. This time felt different. Probably because I have grown so much in a decade but my appreciation for the country and culture had grown as well. The history, the people, the food and yes, even the crazy weather. I soaked it all in. 

We started in Dublin. Traveled north and hit nearly every county in between. We hit the hot spots, then some that weren't on the map, these of course were the favs. There may have been a castle or two along the way. Green fields as far as you can see. Pub after pub after pub after pub. Paddy wagons and kissable stones. Guinness, whisky and wine. We found where the leprechauns live, but sadly didn't see a rainbow. Traditional music in crammed rooms. Sunshine and rainy days. 18 holes of golf and many a windy road. Sunsets and shorelines and don't forget sheep... 

All in all our ten days away from our babies was magical. Memories I will cherish for a lifetime..... until next time Ireland.