sage, senior rep!

Graduation is right around the corner, that is for the class of 2014, but it’s not too early to starting thinking about the class of 2015! In just two short weeks we will bid farewell to this years seniors and as always I am thankful to have played a small role in your child’s (or your) senior year. And now I am excited to start booking next year’s class of seniors, the class of 2015. Juniors, that’s YOU! Here’s a look at one of my REPS from Manhattan High School, beautiful Sage! If you are liking what you see, make sure to get your name on our schedule for this summer (side note, BEST time to book your session is THIS summer before the craziness of the fall arrives). And if you see Sage make sure you grab a rep card from her and get some free wallets as well! Looking forward to another fun SENIOR SUMMA!!!