The first look... from the second shooter's point of view

I love the first look. No matter how a couple decides to do it. Traditional, waiting till that very moment the bride walks down the isle or the more non traditional first look before the ceremony when it's more set up for the photographer to grab. Either way there is always that excitement of seeing your love dressed in their wedding attire. There is always emotion, that big smile, sometimes tears, of pure bliss! It's one of my favorite parts of shooting a wedding. The emotion. And on Cassie and Rich's wedding day I was able to shoot their first look from a different look so to speak, as the second shooter. The best part of having two photographers at your wedding is the many different angles and perspectives that two people can see one thing. I'm sure Morgan's (Moragan LaMare Photography check out her awesomeness at, she's pretty great. A very special thanks for letting me tag along with you.) photos of this same moment are very different from mine! From a second shooters point of view... The first look!